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Simeon Schaffner is a freelancer and works at One Pixel Brush a company of Shaddy Safadi. In this episode we talk about how he got into this business, what are the topics he likes the most in painting. We are going to discuss about his recent talk for Games Workshop at SAE School in Zurick, how it looks from brief to sketches and all the way to the final concept. Simeon also will tell us what is important to improve your skills as a concept artist and also how to start if you are a beginner artist.


Simeon Schaffner portfolio: artstation.com/simeonschaffner https://www.instagram.com/simeonschaffner

Simeon Schaffner works in Naughty Dog’s UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy

Shaddy Safadi – Digital Painting – Tutorial on how to draw environment

Other blog posts and tutorials and resources from Shaddy Safadi: http://www.shaddyconceptart.com/

What are the most important factors in the paintings?

Colours (emotion) and composition (also emotion) – most important ones.
Also very important is the storytelling – what is hidden inside the painting (curiosity).

One Pixel Brush

One of the most important values of a good painting is contrast for example in transitions from darkness into the light.

Craig Mullins http://www.goodbrush.com/

SAE School in Zurick https://saeschool.org/

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